Kennedy Agyapong features disclosed that a "big man" from the NPP is behind the killing of an unknown gentleman. According to him, the gentleman supported a "land guard", Alhaji, to perpetrate the crime. The individual has therefore advised the NPP man to place a stop when compared with that if not can expose him The Member from Parliament( MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, within an presence on Asempa TV, has owing that the known big gentleman from your ruling New Patriotic Other dressing up event( NPP) was behind difficult and beheading of your mysterious man whose body has truly been deposited on the morgue. Matching to him, one Kwesi Alhaji, a popular land guard, features the support and protection from the NPP man. He says law enforcement bodies were not able to take on action against the gruesome killers committed with impunity by Alhaji as they is shielded by means of the NPP man.

According to MyNewshGh. com, Agyapong says the following Alhaji 's actions were stepping out of side, as he wasted no time period in killing unsuspecting individuals who have dared to resist his actions. "The activities of the 'deadly' land guard happen to be very distressing as he may possibly just move into a property, show affinity for the place, push all its occupants, demolish the structure, and take possession from the land", he said. The person added that the country had to rise up because it is heading to an extremely useless finish consequently of happenings within just it. However, Agyapong mentioned the truth that during his finding lots of chiefs, the chiefs told him how close top police administrators would have been to Alhaji.

Headditionally disclosed he could sense worst fears within a policeman he named to discuss the situation, but the person blatantly refused as they was worried to lose his job if perhaps he meddled in the setting up of the "deadly" land officer. "Despite giving me assurance the fact that nothing of that sort may possibly happen, he still refused to talk to me ", Agyapong says. Hetherefore cautioned the "NPP man" to put an finish off on the support he was supplying Alhaji if not he would show him. He also added the fact that his actions could bring marks to the NPP party and that the President, Nana Akufo- Addo, and other special event stalwarts had really gone because of a lot to get the part of where it can be currently positioned.